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3 Things To Know Before You Land Your Next Dental Hygienist Gig

If you are a freelance dental hygienist ready to land a new gig, this quick guide is for you. It might be a bit of a tough task considering that you go from one dental office to the next looking to fill a spot that they have available. While there is a lot of running around involved, it can be hit or miss.

Below is a list of the three things that you should know before you land your next dental hygienist gig. What you’ll learn are some key pieces of advice that will help you ace your next interview with the dentist (or whoever is handling the hiring). Armed with your new knowledge, you’ll feel confident knowing that you can provide some kind of value to the practice before even being hired.

Let’s get right to it and unveil the first item on the list:

1. Consider the Type of Practice You Want to Work For

Every dental hygienist is different in terms of what kind of dental practice they want to work in. Do they want to work with kids? Are they more comfortable with adults?

What about you? There are dental practices that focus on pediatric dentistry while others focus more on family dentistry where you work with both children and adults. Either way, it’s about finding your comfort zone or what kind of patients you want to work with.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Let’s say you are at an interview. You answer the questions that you’re asked and you seem to do just fine. But then, you have an idea floating in your head.

Why not ask them questions? What kind of equipment are they using? What are the standard procedures that the practice you want to work for will use?

There are so many questions you want to ask. And you want to get to know the practice as much as possible before you’re hired and your eventual first day. It’s better to come in prepared with a little bit of know-how than nothing at all.

3. Give Value When Necessary

Sharing ideas and your knowledge about dental hygiene will give you a leg up over the other candidates. Plus, you need to stay ahead of the curve on the latest in dental technology and everything in between. Who knows? You might have an idea that the dental staff likes.

Final Thoughts

Finding your next dental hygienist gig can be tough. But knowing what to say during an interview and deciding which patients you want to work with can make it easier. If you are in search of a new gig, you can find one quicker than you think.

Dentist practices are always looking for skilled dental hygienists. Your next gig might be close to home or somewhere else. Either way, you’re in a career field that can be very exciting.

Stynt has helped many freelance dental professionals find their next gig. Will you find yours? All you have to do is fill out the form or download the app.


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