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3 Effective Budgeting Strategies for Your Dental Practice

Knowing how to balance your budget and pay your staff are key factors in the success of your dental practice. Are your employees currently happy with their pay? Do you feel that your budget is where you want it to be?

In today’s conversation, we want to focus on some key principles that are sure to help you in both areas of your business. By implementing these great tips, you can look forward to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

Inspire by Leading

Nothing instills trust in your staff like a solid foundation of rapport and leading by example. The more you demonstrate attractive leadership skills, the more productivity you can expect from your staff.

Work on communicating your desired results from each individual and strive to be an effective leader. How can that help with your budget? Firstly, your staff is more likely to work hard for you. If your crew sees that you are serious about the dental practice, they are more likely to be, as well.

And lastly, by showing your staff that you appreciate them and the work they do, you can expect morale to improve. Combined, these will make it easier for you to implement your budget changes more effectively.


If you currently have dental assistants, dental hygienists, or regular staff members who don’t accomplish much during downtime, you need to start thinking about ways to reduce wasted time on the clock.

It might be tempting to send people home early or even have them hang around off the clock until business picks back up. However, either of these actions can have unwanted results.

The former can lead to poor attitudes in your employees, while the latter can put you at risk for legal ramifications.

Learn how to optimize your scheduling so that you aren’t overstaffed on days that are slow. This isn’t something you should expect to master overnight. It’s going to take some trial and error before you get it right.

But if you are committed to running a tight ship, you will eventually learn how to optimize your schedule so that there is minimal overlap. This will go a long way in helping you reduce unnecessary pay, thus improving your budget.

Hire Freelance Help

Many dental practices are skeptical at the idea of bringing in a freelancer. It isn’t uncommon for temp agencies to charge ridiculous fees that can seriously harm your budgeting prospects. But did you know that there is a great solution to hiring temporary dental hygienists, dental assistants, and other staff?

By joining Stynt, you can quickly find qualified professionals in your area who can assist you with your staffing needs.

Without the high costs that typically come from using temp agencies, you bring on some much-needed help without breaking the bank. This is a great way to tighten up your budget on days that are overbooked.

Joining Stynt is easy! Simply fill out our form or download our app to get started!

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